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Effortless IVF

Thank You to Kidd Nation and Thank You for your Stories!

Thank you to all the KIDD Nation listeners who registered for the MAYBE BABY free effortless IVF cycle.  


CARE Fertility is excited to offer all the couples who entered contest a free semen analysis and a free AMH Egg Reserve Test. 


To schedule these complimentary tests please call 817.540.7075.  The testing needs to be completed by June 15th, 2018.



Eligible participants for effortless IVF:
• Age less than 40
• No prior IVF cycles
• BMI less than 35 and weight less than 190 pounds
• Normal to mildly abnormal semen analysis
• AMH greater than 1 and 10 or more total antral follicles
• Normal uterus
• No hydrosalpinx

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